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Linear led Light

Product Abstract:

New Linear LED High Bay Light Fixture TH-LHB150 Series, Gorgeous' Indoor High Bay Lighting luminaires are designed for industrial lighting and commercial lighting solution for any large interior space such as heavy industrial settings, warehouses, gyms, churches and indoor sports area. High performance at an affordable price, most energy efficient light, better than other brand led high bay light fixture in the market.

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Product Description

LED linear light features:

High power efficient up to 95% (The leader in the market)

Power factor higher than 0.95; THD<10< p="">

No flickering, perfect lighting performance

Surge Voltage 2KV or 4KV (optional), suitable for industrial area

Dali or Switch dimming function optional (Dimming range from 10% to 100%)

IP 65 grade

Luminous Efficiency up to 140Lm/W

With wire cable for fast connection

Support multiple purpose of installation ways

Very competitive price in the market, the most cost-effective LED high bay light

Anti-glare design, UGR<25< p="">

Length: 600mm/900mm/1200mm/1500mm


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