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How to choose right led circular tube to replace for circular fluorescent bulbs
2017-07-03 16:31:45

Many people didn't know how to replace Circular fluorescent tube with LED, confused by many factorsSo which one is the right led fixture for you


Before purchase led circular tube, you need to know the diameter of the tube you need, currently on the The market, range for the fluorescent tube from 5-15 in diameter, you can know that by measuring your tube. LED Circular Tube diameters range is 8-15(205-375mm), details you can check the link: httpsgoo.glWNk9Vm

Wattage and lumens

Input wattage is how much the tube consumes, you can find it on the label of your exit light. Lumens is how much light the tube emits, also can be found in the light label

Color temperature

Color temperature is the light source emit the light from warm wihte to cool white, the data shows 2700K to 6500K, visual will sensible the higher the number the brighter the bulb, actually specifics are 2700K-3500K warm white color, suitable for living rooms and bedroom.,bathroom, 4100K-5000k natural white color, almost florescent white, use a bulb with this temperature. 5500K-6500k cool white color you’ll get the brightest color, daylight white – like the color of the sun at noon.

When you confirmed the three factors, compare the the led light data, then you can know which is the right for your fluorescent, be sure to read the description on the either bulb or the fixture, this link to know more about led circular tube information at httpsgoo.glWNk9Vm

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