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LED High Bay Light $12 billion market growth to be excavated
2016-06-21 10:18:46

"The next few years LED high bay light market prospects is very large, is expected in 2017 the total LED high bay light market will reach more than four times the LED lights." Inventronics Chairman Dr. Gary Hua mentioned recently .

Nowadays around emerging industries and high-tech base, the number of development zones as well as the planning area is growing, according to relevant statistics, in 2015 domestic new plant warehouse area has reached more than 500 million square meters. This also led to the rapid growth of LED high bay light market.

"From High bay light target market, the city's exhibition center, shopping malls, farmers markets, supermarkets, stadiums, toll stations and other places, has become a big growth market high bay light, product wide range of applications." PCCooler chairman DU Jianjun representation.

"At the same time, LED high bay light compared to other low-power indoor lighting products as well as special, or even essentially different. First, LED  high bay light unlike the inddor lighting focus on retail-based, their main customer base is part of a project providers and the strength of dealers, unlike the demand for commercial lighting and home lighting is so big, the price is difficult to have a big float. "According to industry sources.

Further, since the lighting installation and maintenance costs of triditional industrial products is very high cause the strictly high quality and after-sales service requirements, low-quality products at low prices at the same time, it is prone to high maintenance costs due to product damage occurs, and therefore prices will not be the primary goal of customer choice.

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