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LED high bay light application area
2018-10-09 11:44:41

LED high bay light application area

As we all know, the lighting energy consumption occupies a important part of the complete energy consumption. For example, in a 40,000 square meters factory buildings, lighting load is about 400KW, therefore, the choice of lighting in the factory, how to achieve energy saving, environmental protection is placed in the plant designers an important issue. Using new LED light source based LED High Bay Light, in addition to energy saving, it also has a long life, fast response time, pure light color light concentration, etc., in recent years, well received by consumers.

  Mining lamps are widely used in factories, warehouses, supermarkets, fruit shops and other large areas that require high intensity lighting. They can directly replace the traditional E40 lamp holder fixture interface, easy installation and maintenance.

   The decorative effect of LED High Bay Light is excellent, with a special surface treatment process, appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, easy disassembly, apply a wide range.

  LED High Bay light uses constant current control for wide voltage generated by the ballast to overcome the power grid, noise pollution and unstable light caused, to avoid the work to bring eye irritation, fatigue.

  The color rendering of LED High Bay Light is good and more than real. Variety of light colors optional, to meet the different needs of the environment, eliminating the traditional lamp color depression caused by high or low mood, the visual department comfort, improve worker efficiency.

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