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Why solar street lights can light up in rainy days?

Why solar street lights can light up in rainy days?

Solar street lights use solar energy to provide electricity for street lights. During the day, the solar street light absorbs the solar energy, converts the solar energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery, and then discharges the battery to supply power to the street light source at night. And with the rainy season coming to most parts of the country in June, the advantages of solar energy are also highlighted, and solar street lights can be lit on rainy days. But why can solar street lights be lit on rainy days? Next, the editor of Century Thecosky Lighting will introduce it to you in response to this problem.


Under normal circumstances, the default number of rainy days for solar street lights produced by most manufacturers is three days, and the number of rainy days for integrated solar street lights will be longer, ranging from five days to seven days. That is to say, within the specified number of days, even if the solar street light cannot supplement the solar energy, it can work normally, but once this number of days is exceeded, the solar street light cannot be used normally.


The reason why solar street lights can continue to work in cloudy and rainy days is because part of the battery stores electrical energy, and it can continue to work for a period of time without solar energy conversion, but when the originally stored electrical energy is exhausted, it will always work. When there is no solar energy to supplement, the solar street light will stop working.

When the weather is cloudy, the solar street light will have its own adjustment system, so that its adjustment system can naturally adapt to the cloudy conditions, and it can also collect its energy according to the amount of solar radiation on cloudy days. . At night, it can also send light to many people, so it can be known that there are some reasons why they install solar street lights in many places. They also hope that they can find a very good street light to help them illuminate, so it can be said that this aspect is a highlight of it.


The photovoltaic modules and batteries of solar street lights determine the number of rainy days for street lights, so these two parameters are important reference factors for purchasing solar street lights. If your local weather is humid and there are many rainy days, you should choose a solar street light with more rainy days.

The above information on why solar energy can be lit on rainy days is shared here. In addition, users need to consider the local climate conditions when choosing solar street lights. If there are more continuous rainy days, then choose to support the comparison of the number of rainy days Many solar street lights.




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