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What are the advantages of solar street lights compared to conventional street lights?

What are the advantages of solar street lights compared to conventional street lights?

With the continuous increase of the country's investment in new energy, funds and policies are tilted towards new energy, and the use of solar energy to benefit mankind has become an important strategy for national development, and solar street lights came into being under this background. What are the advantages over conventional street lights?


1. From the point of view of lifespan: mains electricity and solar energy are equivalent

Let's take a look at the life of the main components of the solar street light (we assume that the product quality is excellent, and the use environment is not harsh)

Solar panel: more than 30 years (after 30 years, the solar energy will decay by more than 30%, but it can still generate electricity, which does not mean the end of its life)

Street light pole: more than 30 years

LED light source: more than 11 years (calculated based on 12 hours of work per night)

Lithium battery: more than 10 years (the depth of discharge is calculated according to 30%)

Controller: 8-10 years


It can be seen that the short board of the whole set of solar street lights has been transferred from the battery in the lead-acid battery era to the controller. The life of a reliable controller can reach 8-10 years, which means that the life of a set of reliable solar street lights should be more than 8-10 years. In other words, the maintenance cycle of a set of reliable solar street lights should be 8-10 years. After 8-10 years, the parts that should be replaced are:


lithium battery

LED light source

Several other components such as light poles and solar panels can still be used normally. However, you must buy the whole hot-dip galvanized light pole. If it is galvanized sheet or cold galvanized, the service life is not easy to say.

2. From the perspective of maintenance cost: utility power and solar energy are equivalent

As mentioned earlier, the parts we need to replace are the controller, lithium battery and light source. Generally, street lights below 8 meters, on the premise that the brightness requirements are not particularly high, it is very simple to replace these components, only need to replace a two-body lamp. The light source, lithium battery and controller are integrated in the two-body lamp.

Generally, the battery capacity is 50-100AH, which can be compatible with the two-body lamp of 18V solar panel. The current market price is around 280-580. And with the popularity of new energy vehicles, the price of lithium batteries will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the maintenance cost will be lower in the future.

There are also solar street lights with a height of more than 8 meters. If the power is high, it is necessary to configure a split lithium battery. This cost is quite different, and it needs to be calculated based on the configuration.


3. From the long-term comprehensive cost point of view: the cost of solar energy has obvious advantages

First, in the first phase of purchase and installation. Solar street lights will be higher in terms of product cost, but the cost of buried cables and trenching and re-grooving, which cannot be avoided by city circuit lights, adds up to the cost of solar energy products.

Then, we look at the second stage of mains and solar light maintenance. See how the projects differ:

From the above table, we can find that although there are few maintenance accessories for the city circuit lights, there are more routine maintenance items. Therefore, in general, the maintenance costs of the two are spread evenly every year, and there is not much difference.

What really reflects the cost difference between the two is the electricity bill.

In terms of maintenance costs, the after-sales cost of solar street lights is slightly higher than that of city circuit lights without calculating maintenance items such as routine line inspections and seasonal debugging. However, after the electricity bill accumulates year by year, it has formed a huge expense, especially for customers who use commercial electricity, coupled with a large number of street lights, the amount of electricity bills accumulated over the years is very considerable.


In the process of cooperating with large-scale factories and mines customers, even if it is a relatively large solar street light, compared with the city circuit light, it will save money in the long run. Only limited by factors such as force, structure, cost, etc., it is more laborious to implement a solar street light system that is too large. However, with the advancement of science and technology, the efficiency of solar energy systems will become higher and higher, and maybe this clean energy will dominate the lighting energy consumption in the future. After all, the proportion of lighting energy consumption is still small compared to other energy consumption, and it is easier to cover new energy sources such as solar energy.

The above advantages of solar street lights compared to conventional street lights are shared here. With the continuous development of the times, the future development of solar street lights will be good, and there will be more manufacturers, schools and urban streets to install solar street lights.




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