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What factors affect the working life of solar street light controllers?

What factors affect the working life of solar street light controllers?

Solar street light is a lighting tool that can be used by relying on solar photovoltaic. It can be installed on site as long as there is sufficient sunlight. Because it does not pollute the environment, it is called a green product. However, the solar street light controller is a technical product, and its working life is related to many factors, as follows:

1.  Processing

 Some manufacturers use manual plug-ins, which are easy to make mistakes. Some capacitors are inserted incorrectly, and some resistors are inserted reversely. These will affect the service life of the solar street light controller.


2. Components

Components is an important factor in determining the working life of the solar controller. In order to save economic costs, some manufacturers use some relatively poor components. This is OK at the beginning of the test, but it cannot be used for a long time, and the operation is at least 1 month. More than half a year.

3. Waterproof level

Solar street light controllers are generally installed outdoors and work uninterrupted for 365 days. The use environment is very harsh. Therefore, solar street light controllers must be fully waterproof so that they can adapt to various working environments.

 The above factors affecting the service life of the solar street light controller are shared here. The solar street light relieves the pressure on lighting. It absorbs solar energy during the day, then converts it into electricity, and releases lighting at night. It is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly solution. 




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