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How to choose LED Tri Proof Light?

How to choose LED Tri Proof Light?

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The Tri Proof LED Light rugged nature enabling them to perform very well when there is a possibility of high vandalism (Factory Production line, Warehouse, Subway stations, Stairwells, and Schools, and Hallways). Also, they are suitable for too many industries such as FMCG, Food and Beverage, and Chemical Factories

What does Tri Proof mean?

It is waterproof, dust proof that manufactured using anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation materials, with the availability of silicone sealing

The main features of LED Tri Proof Light:

Easy installation and protection against electrical shocks: They have mounting clips for quick installation that enable you to install them anywhere and anyhow wall mounting or suspensions, and also double insulation of the connector ensures the safety of the internal electrical circuit.

Instant start, and no humming nor flickering: Does not require any ballast or starter to start working.

Waterproof and dust proof: The silicone sealing enables them to withstand humidity, water splash, and dust and prevent any leakage to the inside; protecting all the internal components.

Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation: The Tir-Proof manufactured From special materials enabling them to work with chemical surroundings or under any other environment without worrying about corrosion or oxidation.

Rugged structure, vibration proof, and high reliability and durability

Cost saving due to long lifetime and low consumption with zero maintenance cost

High efficiency, and great thermal conductivity.


Which applications can you use The LED Tri Proof Lighting ?

Locations with high water pressure or water jets such as car wash.

Locations with water and chemicals materials such as the food processing industry (Food & Beverage).

Industrial Factories (Production line, Automotive, Coating, and Paintings, or Garments).

Schools and Educational Centers.

Hallways, Stairwells, and Warehouses.

Garages and Parking lots.

Selecting the Right Product’s Specifications for Your Application:

Knowing “How to Select LED Tri Proof Light” is critical for your application or project to get the exact and needed performance you want. The following are some factors that you need to specify before choosing your product:

What is length and power request ?

Adaption to high temperature and temperature changes (up to 60 Celsius degrees)

Lumen Efficacy: System efficiency rating.

Surface Mounted or Suspended.

Working Environment: The presence of water, dust, and chemicals, or high water pressure (up to 100 bar); also, is there any requirements for anti-corrosion and ant-oxidation features or not.

Color Rendering Index.

Wide beam angle: The most common is 120 degrees.

High Energy efficiency performance: Grade A+.

LED Driver Type: Flicker or Free-Flicker.

Warranty: ? (five years with complete fixture).

Instant start and free flicker lighting system.

Dimmable or not ? what is dimmable type 0-10V or DALI ?

Linkable or not ?

Emergency request ?

LED Tri Proof Light is a high-quality, and reliable lighting fixture, also a perfect alternative for the traditional fluorescent lighting lamps. Also, it is an easy to install and eco-friendly lighting fixture; that is free of air and water pollution. So knowing How to Select LED Tri Proof Light is an important factor to consider.




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