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Benefits of LED HighBay Lights

Benefits of LED HighBay Lights

LED Sports Lights

What are High Bay LED Lights?

High bay LED lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. Low-bay lights, on the other hand, are used for ceilings 20 feet and under. Because a high-ceiling location has more space to fill, a high bay light by definition is a powerful light source that can brighten up a large area.

High bay LED lights are an affordable way to get high-quality lighting for the toughest jobs, so you can provide visibility to any space without issue. One reason why people are switching from metal halides or incandescent fixtures to high bay LED lights is the lower energy costs. LED lighting lasts 25 times longer and uses 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. But energy efficiency isn't the only benefit. Some non-LED fixtures may be a bit less expensive upfront, but you will save money in the long run when using LED high bays. Here's why:

Reduced Environmental Impact - LED lighting solutions use less power to achieve the same, if not better, results than comparable lighting solutions. They are also free of harmful elements, such as mercury, that are found in other lights, and they are recyclable. This reduces their environmental impact and disposal cost. LED high bay lights last for an exceptionally long time so they need to be replaced less frequently.

Enhanced Efficiency - LEDs are an efficient option in terms of energy consumed for lumens put out — they offer some of the highest lumen outputs to wattage and energy consumption on the market. High bay LED lights consume upwards of 90% less energy than incandescent options.

Lower Utility Costs - Because LEDs use less power to get the same (or better) results than fluorescent or metal halide lights, they provide reduced utility costs. They also burn at a cooler temperature so they won't negatively impact your cooling unit.

Longevity - LED high bay lights last for years with some options offering upwards of 100,000 hours of illumination. They are also incredibly durable because there is no filament. Less frequent replacement positively impacts the environment and reduces labor costs.

Solid Return on Investment - The higher initial cost of LED high bay lights is offset by reduced energy bills, rebates and longer lifespans.

Improved Safety - High bay LED lights don't produce any mercury or UV rays. Plus, their lower operating temperature makes them safer to handle without fear of burns.

High bay LED lights are also aesthetically pleasing — the diverse styles of high bay lighting provide multiple options for complementing the design of your building.

LED Sports Lights

LED High Bay Lights in use

Should You Use Lighting Controls With High Bay LED Lights?

While high bay LED lights are energy-efficient, directly installing them to your ceilings without lighting controls can be incredibly wasteful. Lighting automation controls, such as motion sensors, dusk to dawn photocells, and dimmers, are the perfect addition to your lighting system because they not only reduce your costs but also make the system easier to use. High bay lighting controls allow you to quickly start or shut off the fixtures, and using high bay occupancy sensors can also prevent accidental light usage when the facility is closed. Additionally, having a set of controls with your system allows you to dim the lights to a more energy-saving brightness.

Where is LED High Bay Lighting Used?

Given their placement, high bay led lights are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses. Industrial shop lights can be used for both commercial and residential operations. High bay LED lights are appropriate for diverse applications such as:

Auto Body Shop LIghting,Garage Lighting,Basement Lighting,Welding Shop Lighting,Warehouses,Grocery Stores,Dance,Studios,Workshops,Machine Shops,Commercial Lighting,Factory Lighting,Retail Locations,Gymnasiums,Airport Lighting

LED Sports Lights

Learn more about incorporating LED high bay lighting into your illumination plan with the following answers to common questions. If you need more information, you can review our High Bay Lights Buying Guide or reach out to our customer service team — we're here to help!




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