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How to choosing magnetic tracking led lights

How to choosing magnetic tracking led lights


How To Choose Magnetic Track Lighting?

The best magnetic track lighting system should be easy to install, compatible with most light fixtures on the market, and should use the same accessories as other standard track lighting systems.

There are including above many different parts for the whole magnetic track lighting system, so are you worried about not knowing how to choose these? Now share the following buying guide:

Step 1: Confirm what design pattern for the whole system you prefer.

There are about 4 design shapes for the whole lighting system- L shape, I Shape, parallel lines Shape, and Square shape.

Design shape of magnetic track lighting system

Square shape. It is suitable for living room, offices.

U Shape: Mainly used for living room.

L Shape: Good for use in corridors, living rooms, cloakroom.

I Shape: For the living room, dining room, kitchen room.


Step 2. Choosing a suitable magnetic track rail.

As above description. There are 4 different magnetic track types.

Recessed magnetic track: It is suitable for new houses that have not yet suspended ceilings. It is necessary to make grooves and pre-embed tracks, and then press them with the ceiling.

Trimless magnetic rail: It is used in the room where the ceiling has been made, and the hole is directly fixed on the ceiling plasterboard.

Surface / Pendant magnet track: Mainly used for the places where is not good for making plasterboard such as supermarkets, offices etc.

Note: If you choose to use the embedded magnetic track, you need to reserve 5-7cm of space when the ceiling is suspended. We can provide the 4 in 1 magnetic track ( integrated with surface, recessed, trimless, pendant installation)


Step 3. Choosing magnetic led lights.


Step 4. Choosing the accessories

After you confirmed the design shape for whole magnet track system, you will know which adapter or connectors you request as follows:


Step 5. Choosing magnetic driver

There are two solutions for the whole system for driver choices.

48V Built-in driver. It is good for integrated with all magnet track, especially for suspension or surface mounted track. Available 100W 200W in power.

External driver. Mainly working for recessed installation. The external driver is much better than built-in driver in quality. Meanwell power supply 100W 200W 350W available. The external power supply is suitable for placing the air outlet of the air conditioner or the exclusive maintenance port, which is convenient for future maintenance, repaire or replacement.





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