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What are LED Sports Lights?

What are LED Sports Lights?

LED Sports Lights

Stadium lights are robust sports lighting fixtures mounted at great heights with beam angles ranging from 12-60 degrees. These beam angels provide greater light intensity, allowing powerful light to meet the ground from high hoisted heights. While usually mounted at 40-60 feet in height, LED Stadium Lights can be installed as low as 25 feet and even more than 100 feet high. The beam angles can vary depending on the height and how many footcandles you need to achieve on the ground. National LED sports lighting can quickly achieve 300+ foot candles and are verified with photometric layouts. For perspective, the average parking lot light produces 10-20 foot candles while the current stadium lighting standard for the NFL is 250-foot candles. National LED’s sports and stadium lights are more than sufficient for any sports event!

Long Life, Cost Efficient, Minimal Maintenance

As previously noted, LED sports light fixtures are far more efficient than any traditional lighting solution. A 1,500-watt stadium light can be replaced with a 500-watt LED sports light fixture, saving 1,000 watts per fixture. For instance, if swapping out 20 sports light fixtures for LED sports lighting, you can expect to use 10,000 watts of power compared to 30,000 watts. Using a third of the ability to light up your venue will significantly reduce your electric bill while providing more balanced and equally dispersed light.

LED Sports Lights

National LED offers sports and stadium lighting while it lasts up to 100,000 hours or more, while fluorescent and incandescent have a life of only 15,000 hours. For example, suppose a stadium could utilize their LED stadium lighting for 6 hours every night of the week. In that case, this allows for 45 years of performance compared to 10 years with incandescent or fluorescent lighting. While keeping up with routine maintenance of your LED stadium lights is recommended, frequent replacement of components is now a thing of the past.

Dimming Capability and Lower Light Pollution

Different events within the same stadium or venue require various lighting conditions. LED sports lighting provides the ability for dimming capabilities so that you can fine-tune the environment during the entire event. As a result, it ensures precise control of the lighting over the duration of the evening and contributes to a lower energy bill in the end.

While many stadiums are in downtown areas of major cities, many similar venues are still in residential areas. Light pollution may be a significant concern to some if this is the case. Sports light fixtures are engineered to reduce light pollution by allowing users to get light coverage exactly where it should be without the risk of significant uplight. Residents will not be bothered by late-night events with light shining into their windows and will be glad their neighbors and friends are safer with LED sports lighting provided by THECOSKY LED.

LED Sports Lights

Benefits of LED Sports Lighting

Stadium lighting is crucial whether you are watching the big game at home, watching a competition in person, or when you’re enjoying a concert by your favorite artist. So, whether you’re at a sporting event, rodeo, show, or race event, LED stadium lights will be a massive contribution to a more enjoyable event for everyone involved.

Incandescent, HID, fluorescent, or other traditional lights contain lead, mercury, and other dangerous substances that contribute to pollution and global warming. Another downside to legacy light sources is the UV radiation produced, which is harmful to spectators and anyone else in the venue. LED sports lighting eliminates these risks as it does not contain hazardous materials or emits UV rays. In addition, LED sports lights are vastly more efficient as they use more than 90% of supplied power as light output.




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