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Solar kits are fast becoming the best way to choose the right solar system without having to source and research all the parts yourself.

For installers, they are easy to set up and install, ensuring you have all the parts you need.

In short, a solar kit includes solar panels, inverters, batteries and all the switches, installation and wiring you need to install the kit to start producing and using solar energy.

We'll cover these components below.

These items should be included when purchasing a kit. If you're purchasing the device separately, make sure to include peripheral items as well.

Solar panels

The solar panel is probably the most conspicuous of all, and is a fundamental part of the entire kit; without it, you can't generate solar energy.

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Solar inverters

The next essential component of every solar kit is the inverter. Without this device, there is no way to convert the energy from solar panels and batteries stored in the electricity into usable electricity for the home.

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Solar battery

If you need backup power at night, you need solar cells. The only kit that doesn't require a battery is the Grid-Tied kit, but we'll cover that later in this guide.

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Solar Peripherals

Your solar kit should always have kit peripherals such as switches, wiring, etc. But what are these items and are they necessary?

The short answer is yes! You will need to disconnect the AC, DC and battery disconnect switches so that your electrician is safe should any maintenance or repair work be required.

This is a security standard and you will not be able to obtain the legally required COC (Certificate of Compliance).

You should always have a surge protector in your AC box to protect your system from power surges.

Wiring is critical for connecting components together.

Safety is the most important thing when installing a solar kit. Not only do we keep our installers safe, we keep you, your family, your home and your solar package safe from damage and even death.

As with all things electricity-related, if these items are not installed or installed incorrectly, there is a good chance of electrocution and fire.




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