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4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights

  • 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights
  • 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights
  • 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights
  • 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights
  • 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights
4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights 4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights

4ft IP65 LED Tri Proof Lights

  • Model:TH-GK80B-40W
  • Load Power (W):20W,40W,60W
  • Lamp Efficiency (lm/w):120-130LM/W
  •  LED Chip:Lumileds,CREE,San'an
  • LED driver:LIFUD
  • Brand Name:THECOSKY
  • Product Summary:The front cover of the lamp is used of Fireproof PC material with 94 V2 perfect impact-resistance, good toughness. Can be bent by 180 degree without crack, people can step on it , without any crack. And are good at corrosion-proof. The fireproof rating is V0. The back cover of the lamp is used of the same Fireproof PC material as the front cover. Silicon rubber sealing frame , make sure perfect seal .
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LED batten lights are perfect for indoor lighting, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Use LED batten lighting to light up your indoor space and create effective walkways with lighting. Led batten light fittings are a perfect way replace our old fluorescence units whilst cutting your energy bill.

LED Sports Lights


About this item.

PREMIUM IP65 0.6M,1.2,1.5M LED batten, superb indoor and outdoor LED linear light. Excellent for exterior lighting, expertly made for garages, gardens, carparks, walkways, storage rooms, patios, feature-lighting, security lighting, warehouses, factories, site projects, porch lighting, bathrooms. Brilliant for both commercial and residential use..

LED Sports Lights

THE MOST EFFICIENT LED Tri-Proof Light available today. Great substitute for Fluorescent/Halogen/Incandescent fittings and can directly replace with standard fluorescent fittings with 80% less Energy Consumption. Exceptionally long product life, reduced maintenance and disposal costs..

LED Sports Lights

THESE SUPERIOR IP65 5 foot led batten lights have been professionally designed to produce high quality light whilst maximise lifetime and efficiency, High colour rendering (CRI > 80), evenly dispersion and diffusion of light and clear light output, wide beam angle with super bright, shadow-free coverage..

LED Sports Lights

EXCELLENT LED tube fitting with strong heat resistant ability; Very Bright, Shatter Resistant, Shock and Vibration Resistant, Dust Proof, Weatherproof and IP65 Water Resistant, less heat radiation, no mercury or harmful chemicals, fully silent, no flicker, reach full brightness instantly..

NEW CE AND ROHS Authenticated, Easy to install, safety warrantied and tested to the highest Standard (ISO), each LED IP65 outdoor light has 3 Years Guarantee..

LED Sports Lights

 install height
LED Type:SMD2835SMD2835SMD2835SMD2835
LEDs QLT:120pcs240pcs360pcs360pcs
body  body  body  
beam angle:120120120120
Life span50000hrs50000hrs50000hrs50000hrs
Warranty3-5years 3-5years 3-5years 3-5years 

LED Sports Lights




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